AKC will deliver dance workshops for Jaffna and Colombo artists. AKC will facilitate a space for the Bharata Natyam dance and music community to dive into their practice and develop confidence in their artistic voice.

AKC will collaborate with local artists and partners in Jaffna region to co-develop a series of sessions around movement and storytelling to celebrate intergenerational dialogue within the communities. 

The AKC workshops will be delivered in December 2024.

About AKC

In 1999, a conversation took place between the young, gifted dancer/choreographer Akram Khan and an ambitious former dancer and just recently graduated arts manager Farooq Chaudhry. That conversation laid the foundation for a dynamic collaboration, culminating in the creation of Akram Khan Company (AKC) one year later.

In over 22 years, AKC is now one of the foremost innovative dance companies in the world and holds a major international presence through tours that reach out to cultures across the globe. Programmes range from kathak and modern solos to artist-to-artist collaborations and ensemble productions.