The British Council's verification service is provided to individuals who are UK educational qualification holders.

We verify all education, training, and professional awards, including certificates, degrees, and diplomas, at all levels issued by any accredited UK institution or organisation.

Verification is a confirmation that a photocopy (Black and white) is a true copy of an original document.

The British Council reserves the right to reject certification of any document if the programme or institution is not recognised by the UK education board, if the document is found to be too old, altered, or defaced in any way or if there is any question regarding the originality of the document 

New changes in verification process for Qatar. Embassy of State of Qatar in Sri Lanka and MOFA now requires, irrespective of the university or institution, a letter of authenticity in a preferred format. More information

We do not stamp:

  • passports
  • ID cards
  • birth certificates
  • testimonials
  • marriage certificates
  • membership certificates
  • University of London Certificates
  • other documents required by an educational institution or employer.

To have your documents verified:

Visit our office with your education qualification certificate. We offer this service at our Colombo and Kandy centres.

Documents required

Original certificates and/or transcripts

Confirmation from the awarding body/institution or issuing body/institution

Choose the service

There are two services for you to choose from;

Normal service - Submit the original certificates and/or transcripts and collect them on next working day from 9.30am.

Same day service - Submit the original certificates and/or transcripts before 10.30am and collect them by 12.30pm (time frame for this service may vary as per the signatories availability)

Payment method

Cash only (at the time of collection)

Normal Service: LKR 2500 per verified copy

Same day Service: LKR 4000 per verified copy

Note: fees are per stamp/signature regardless of a document (i.e. transcripts) having more than one page.

Working hours

Colombo -Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 09.00a.m. to 04.30p.m.

Kandy – Tuesday to Saturday from 09.00a.m. to 04.00p.m.                       

If you have further queries, please contact us

Terms and Conditions

  1. British Council verifies only UK qualifications for academic purposes or employment in overseas.
  2. If a local qualification is required to be verified by us for UK education purpose. We require evidence showing that the candidate is enrolling for a UK qualification. This could be an offer letter from an accredited UK university or a completed admission form which states the requirement for verification from British Council along with a confirmation from the awarding body (local institution) .
  3. British Council reserves the right not to verify certificates of overseas qualification other than the UK.
  4. British Council verifies the certificates as ‘true copy of the original’ only.
  5. Original certificates given for verification MUST be collected within 5 working days. British Council will not be liable for any loss or damage of documents after this period.
  6. Verification service is given ONLY to the certificate owner. Please note 3rd party requests such as Student consulting firm, Overseas Education Guide/ Helper, Private/ Public universities / Institutions are NOT ACCEPTED.
  7. British Council reserves the right to take appropriate action if any inauthentic certificates are found.
  8. Confirmations from awarding body or issuing body are accepted either by email or paper under following terms: paper-based confirmation - copy of the certificate stamped and signed with their name and designation by an authorised person from the institution. Email confirmation from their official email address.
  9. Certificates issued by or via British Council (e.g. Teaching Centre courses and private examination candidate certificates) can be verified only if they have been issued within the last 7 years.            

Please Read Our Fair Collection Notice

The British Council will require your original documents to provide this service. We will hold these securely until the service is complete and the documents can be returned to you. We will record your name, type of document, the date of transaction, and any other relevant details for our records. This will be kept securely and will not be provided to any other parties unless we are legally required to do so.