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Our partners in Sri Lanka include trusted government institutes, private companies and non-governmental organisations. They are as diverse as our global networks. We encourage you to join this prestigious list of British Council partners.


  • Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs
  • Ministry of Information & Communications Technology, Higher Education, Technology & Innovations
  • Ministry of Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Development, Industry and Supply Management
  • Ministry of Justice, Human Rights & Legal Reforms
  • University Grants Commission
  • Moratuwa University (Integrated Design and Fashion and Textiles)
  • National Education Commission
  • National Institute of Education
  • National Colleges of Education
  • Teacher Training Colleges
  • National Institute of Language Education (NILET)
  • Department of Official Languages
  • Official Languages Commission
  • Mediation Boards Commission

Private Companies

  • HSBC
  • NDB
  • Z messenger
  • APEX Matara
  • Academy of Design (AOD)
  • Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)
  • M.D Gunasena
  • Vijitha Yapa
  • Sarasavi 
  • The Coffee Bean
  • Chapters
  • Yamaha Music Centre
  • Artra
  • Power of Play
  • Hashtag
  • Agenda 14

International and local non-governmental organisations

  • European Union
  • GiZ
  • CARE Germany
  • Chrysalis
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Lanka Social Ventures
  • Sarvodaya
  • Council for Business with Britain (CBB)
  • Foundation for Innovative Social Development (FISD)
  • Muslim Aid
  • Youth Advocacy Network
  • Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA)
  • Jaffna Social Action Center
  • Uva Shakthi Foundation