A Silent Revolution - The cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. In the UK they are now the fastest-growing sector and more significant than financial services, generating quality jobs faster than any other sector. In Sri Lanka too the creative economies have seen a silent and steady growth. Our baseline research study and report Creative and Cultural Industries in Sri Lanka revealed that Sri Lanka’s creative economy had raised its GDP contribution from  433.62 million dollars to 845.41 million dollars, showing a growth of 95 per cent, within 4 years.

The objective of our creative economy development programme is to increase awareness, and facilitate the recognition of the creative and cultural industries amongst  creative networks, industry stakeholders and policy makers.

A summary and extracts from the report in Sinhala and Tamil are available for download.  The creative economy videos 'The silent revolution' and stories from our creative economy are also available in Sinhala and Tamil.

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