Abdul Halik Azeez, a Sri Lankan artist is one of the Awardees of the 2024 Moving Narratives Mentorship Awards, the first year of a three-year programme in partnership with the Prince Claus Fund.

Abdul Halik Azeez is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer based in Sri Lanka. Halik’s artistic practice delves into the interplay among technologies of power, contemporary culture, lived experiences, and media. His practice predominantly draws from post-war transformations that have impacted his country, such as the effects of gentrification, economic crises, tourism, and renewed ultranationalist politics. Through ethnographic interventions and the sampling of diverse archives, Azeez juxtaposes and remixes, tracing cosmologies which attempt to connect that which otherwise cannot be connected.

In 2019, along with artist and curator Sandev Handy, Abdul co-founded The Packet: a collective of emerging artists from Sri Lanka committed to hyper-locality, playfulness and collaborative process. He is also currently, along with Berlin-based musician Jackie Poloni, co-organizing “Wet Land” a three-year project bringing together artists from Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Pakistan into conversations around approaches to artistic research.

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The mentorship programme consists of artist introduction sessions, three ‘Chapters’ featuring group workshops and guest talks, an in-person lab week later in the year, and finally, the group will work together on a publication and website project. The awardees are also provided grant funds towards a specific project that they will undertake individually. 

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Year Two Open Call

The Open Call for year two of the mentorship programme has just been launched. A new set of artists will be selected to take part in 2025.  

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