Teacher guiding students

Our internationally qualified CELTA training team is dedicated to working with you to provide the best possible training solutions for you.

Daniel Kirk

CELTA Trainer, British Council

Originally from England, Dan started working overseas back in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. He has lived and worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Slovakia, Ukraine, Malaysian Borneo, Bahrain, Austria, Turkey and Algeria. He is currently the training lead at BC Sri Lanka and works as both a CELTA and DELTA tutor. Taking the CELTA course has a special place in Dan’s heart as it not only started his adventures in teaching but is also where he met his wife.

Dr. Lesley Dick

CELTA Trainer, British Council

Having worked in Sri Lanka, Finland, Turkey, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Libya, Lesley has over 25 years’ experience of teaching English language and 15 years’ experience of training teachers. As well as being a CELTA trainer, she is currently the English Language Teaching Projects Manager at British Council Colombo, responsible for developing and delivering English-language teacher training around the country in both the public and the private sectors.

Ian Smith

CELTA trainer, British Council

Ian has worked as a teacher and more recently as a teacher-trainer in Japan, the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, North Korea, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar and Mauritius.  He has been based in Sri Lanka since 2014. In early 2016 he started working full-time for the English Language Teaching Projects Department at British Council Colombo, where his duties have included being a CELTA-course tutor.

Norma Swyngedauw

CELTA Trainer, British Council

Norma is from the Philippines. She joined English Language Teaching Projects Colombo as full time teacher trainer in 2015, although she had taken on teacher training roles during her 12 years of teaching at the British Council Teaching Centre Colombo, delivering outreach workshops, acting as in-house tutor for the TYLEC course, and moderating on online teacher training courses run by the BC in Sri Lanka, India and Jordan. She has been an active CELTA Assistant Course Tutor since January 2016.