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CELTA trainees are assessed on their teaching practice performances, their written assignments and their overall level of professionalism.  Note that assessment is ongoing throughout the course – there is no test or examination at the end.

Trainees who complete the course will have a grade recommended to Cambridge English by their tutors.  When this is approved, Cambridge English will send them certificates that state their official grade.  The grades can be:

  • Pass A
  • Pass B
  • (Standard) pass
  • Fail

Please note that while the majority of CELTA trainees pass the course, a few trainees do not – either because they fail to complete the course or they fail to achieve the standard required to pass it.

It commonly takes Cambridge English six-to-eight weeks to send out official certificates.  In the meantime, British Council Colombo will give trainees who successfully complete the course an unofficial certificate, stating their provisional grades, and a report.  These can be used to apply for jobs before the official certificates arrive from the United Kingdom.