Internationalising Higher Education (IHE) is a programme to:

  • create collaborative partnerships
  • facilitate policy dialogues
  • support internationalisation of student experiences
  • develop alumni networks
  • promote scholarships
  • provide analysis and advice on international higher education trends and opportunities.

Through our higher education activities, the younger generation gain a wider understanding of both their country and the world around them. 

These activities connect partners in the UK, state universities, Ministry of Higher Education, University Grants Commission, private sector institutions and the corporate sector interested in Higher Education. It also supports the Sri Lanka Higher Education sector to develop expertise in the areas of: 

  • quality assurance
  • academic research
  • entrepreneurship
  • employability and career development
  • leadership and management.

Policy dialogue

Policy dialogue brings together policy makers and leaders in both public and private education sectors in Sri Lanka and the UK to exchange knowledge and ideas on Higher Education, skills and innovation. The activity encourages the debate to reach a wider audience through digital platforms and forums. These initiatives play a critical role in establishing long-term trust and sustained partnerships between higher education institutions worldwide. The common themes emerging from the dialogues also set the agenda for Going Global, the British Council's annual International Higher Education summit.

Join our online LinkedIn community to engage in a lively debate on Higher Education. 

Youth Enterprise Awards (YEA)

YEA promotes entrepreneurship among young people in Sri Lanka. Young people can enter a business plan contest for a chance to receive seed capital to start their enterprise. Successful applicants have the opportunity to meet potential investors and mentors in Sri Lanka and receive customised training on business planning and how to market their products and services.

Opportunities – the British Council international career fair

Opportunities brings together students and graduates with potential employers from Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives and the UK to create career opportunities in Sri Lanka and potential countries which hire Sri Lankan graduates with UK qualifications. The fair provides students and graduates with knowledge and advice on various topics; from job interviews to local and international recruitment.  

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