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Registration for January 2024 Exam series is now open. 

Pearson Edexcel introduces International GCSE November Series from 2023.
The new International GCSE November series will replace the regular January series, commencing from November 2023.
Accordingly the January 2023 exam series was the last January International GCSE series.
Please refer Pearson website for key information regarding the new November series.

See the registration process for private candidates below:

Step 1: Complete your registration form

Pearson Edexcel International Examinations 

Complete the online registration by referring the Unit, option and cash-in codes and availability list given in the Registration Information Sheet and submitting it through the Online Registration Link.  For further details, please refer to the Information and Key dates document.

The Registration Information Manual can be downloaded from the downloads section on the bottom of this page.

Qualification - the type of entry Start  End
IAL Normal Registration Period 13 September 2023  10 October 2023
IAL Stage 1 Late Penalty Registration Period 11 October 2023  10 November 2023
IAL Stage 2 Late Penalty Registration Period 11 November 2023 02 January 2024

Do I need to make any special arrangements?

Find out about our special arrangements for exams. 

Step 2: Submit your application form and pay

Private candidates:

  • Payments need to be made online by Visa/ Master card during your online registration process. 
  • Due to the current online payment transaction restrictions we advise you to check with your bank If the transaction amount can be authorized prior to attempting to make the payment.
  • In the event your online payment fails, please follow the “Offline Payment Method” given at


Statement of entry

Your statement of entry for should reach you by 30 November 2023 for IAL via email. If it does not reach you by this date, Contact us if you fail to receive it by then..

If there is an error in your name or date of birth on the statement of entry in comparison to your identification document, please inform us as soon as you receive the statement of entry to avoid ID verification issues on the exam date.

Need to amend your entry? 

You can make amendments to the entry you have made. Candidate would have to register for the correct subject/unit and refund the erroneous one(s) in line with the “School Exam Refund Policy”. Please note that amendments are subject to an additional payment as specified in the registration information sheet. 


Pearson Edexcel IAL and IGCSE Refund Procedure


Stage 1

Stage 2 

 Pearson Edexcel IAL

11 October 2023

Submission Period: 08 January to 28 January 2024

How to apply – Using the "School Exams - Refund Policy" given under downloads section. 

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