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1. This policy applies to all candidates whether individually registered or through an organisation.

2. No transfers will be allowed for Cambridge Assessment English qualifications.

3. If a candidate gives written notice of withdrawal before the final registration date of the exam, as published by the British Council, a full refund of the local fee will be given, less an administrative fee of Rs. 2,000.

4. Any cases where notice is given after the final registration date of the exam and less than one week (7 days) before the exam; the fee will be forfeited in its entirety. An exception to this rule is a withdrawal on medical grounds and or if under quarantine. Candidates able to produce a medical certificate within seven (7) days of the written test will receive a refund less Rs. 3,500 administrative fee. The following documents should be submitted in order to process a refund.

• A completed local refund claim form
• A medical certificate from a recognised western medical practitioner or a hospital
• Confirmation of entry
• A receipt issued by the British Council for the examination fees paid
• If payment is made via a direct bank transfer, the payment receipt has to be produced. This is applicable only for TKT registrations

In the event of a candidate is under home quarantine or is at a quarantine centre on the test day please submit a letter from the area PHI officer and or MOH confirming the same. Please send an email in advance to informing us of the inability to attend the exam. Please note that photocopies of the above documents will not be accepted.

5. The administration fee for refund applications submitted for Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) examinations will be charged per module.

6. Test Registration is valid for one Cambridge English Exam session only. The candidate will not be able to transfer the Test Registration to another Cambridge English Exam session or another type of exam. Test Registrations are also personal and cannot be transferred to other individuals.

7. The British Council cannot accept any responsibility for service interruptions caused by factors which are outside of our control. In these cases the British Council will do everything possible to offer the candidate a Cambridge English Exam session at a later date. The British Council may offer a refund in these circumstances at its sole discretion.

8. The British Council also reserves the right to cancel any Cambridge English Exam if a minimum number of five (5) candidates is not reached by the end of the relevant registration period. In this case, the candidate will be informed a month ahead of the exam date and receive a full refund of the fees paid.

9. The new refund policy will be effective for examinations scheduled from 1 April 2021 onwards.

10. A copy of this policy can be obtained from the Downloads section of this page.