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Terms and conditions in this policy apply for all British Council registered Cambridge English exam candidates. Please refer to the below before you apply for a refund.

You can apply for a refund if you:

  • have medical/health concerns
  • are under quarantine

When to apply:

Within 7 Days after the writing exam date (E.g. Exam – 10 May; Deadline – 17 May). Refund requests submitted after 7 days will not be processed. 

Applicable fee:

An admin fee of LKR 3,500 will be deducted (per module in TKT).

Documents to submit:

1.Completed “BC Local Refund Form” – found in the 'Downloads' section of this page. 

  • Offline Payments – Refund will be processed and transferred to the given account.
  • Online Payments – Refund will be credited to the Credit/Debit card used to pay for the exam.

2.Copy of Confirmation of Entry (COE)

3.Medical certificate with Doctor’s stamp covering the exam date

  • If under quarantine/isolation - letter from the area Grama Niladhari, Police station, PHI Officer or MOH with their stamp covering the exam date.

How to Apply

Email the above mentioned documents to or submit in person at our office on or before the deadline (Within 7 Days after the writing exam date). Requests submitted through other means will not be processed.

Processing Time

Approximately 8 Weeks. We aim to process all approved refund requests within this timeline but due to unavoidable circumstances it may take longer than usual.

Test date transfers / centre transfers 

Test date transfers / centre transfers are not available. Test registration is valid for one Cambridge English Exam session only. The candidate will not be able to transfer the Test Registration to another Cambridge English Exam session or another type of exam. Test registrations are also personal and cannot be transferred to other individuals.

Cancellations and service interruptions 

  • If the exams are cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the British Council, you will be offered a solution in line with exam board guidelines.
  • The British Council cannot accept any responsibility for service interruptions caused by factors which are outside of our control. In these cases the British Council will do everything possible to offer the candidate a Cambridge English Exam session at a later date. The British Council may offer a refund in these circumstances at its sole discretion.
  • The British Council also reserves the right to cancel any Cambridge English Exam if a minimum number of five (5) candidates is not reached by the end of the relevant registration period. In this case, the candidate will be informed a month ahead of the exam date and receive a full refund of the fees paid.

Additional information:

  • Approval of all refund requests are at the discretion of the Exam board. British Council is unable to confirm it at the time of acceptance.
  • The new refund policy will be effective for examinations scheduled from 1 September 2021 onwards.
  • A copy of this policy can be obtained from the 'Downloads' section of this page. 

British Council reserves the right to change/update the terms and conditions in this policy as and when required without prior notice.