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 Payment methods

1.1 We accept payment in online payments, credit card or bank draft in Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). Bank Drafts should be made payable to the ‘British Council’. Your full name and student number should be written on the back.

1.2 You can visit our website to check for easy payment promotions. These promotions are advertised by third-party financial institutions and British Council does not endorse or have any liability for the services provided by the said financial institutions. 

Collection of Certificates 

If you would like to request for a pending certificate, please submit your details by filling in the following form here

*Please note that this form is to be used only when:
- Certificates are not issued before the end of the course
- You fail to collect due to following an online course or absenteeism. 

Young Learners - Refunds and Credits 

2.1 British Council teaching Centres in Colombo/Kandy/Jaffna/Matara will give credits and refunds only under the following circumstances:

  • Serious illness.  We will require you to produce a medical certificate as evidence.
  • Transfer to a new location, which is not conducive for travel to British Council, Colombo/Kandy/Jaffna.  We will require written evidence of this.
  • Change of academic timetable.  We will require a letter from your school/university/college principal.
  • Compassionate reasons such as bereavement or serious illness of a family member. We will require a copy of the death certificate or documentation from the hospital/doctor. 
  •  All the evidence should reach British Council within 7 working days.

2.2 Where classes are cancelled by the British Council and a make-up lesson is not possible, we will provide refunds except where classes are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure).

2.3 British Council does not offer replacement classes for classes missed due to absence for any reason (eg school replacement, sick leave).

2.4 Young Learners registering for more than 1 term who wishes to apply for credits or refunds will forfeit guaranteed places. An administrative fee of LKR4,000.00 is applicable (Colombo/Kandy/Jaffna).

2.5 Credits and refunds are not given under any circumstances other than those mentioned above (2.1).  All requests for refunds and transfers must be made in writing.      Such requests must reach us 3-days before the start of the class and an administrative fee of LKR4,000.00 (Colombo/Kandy/Jaffna) is applicable.

2.6 No refunds or credits will be granted once classes have started. Approved credits are valid for 6 months. Approved refunds will take a minimum of 4 weeks to process.

Data Protection

British Council will use the personal information that you provide to carry out teaching activities which may include:

- sharing personal data (student image and voice) during the real time broadcasting of online classes through the British Council learning hub;

- using student audio or video recordings as academic support;

- sharing student work (documents, images or recordings) in class for collaborative activities within the British Council Teaching network;

- use of the learning hub;
(Personal data collected and shared through and for the purpose of the learning activities described above will only be retained for the length of the course on which a student is enrolled)

Applying for a course fee refund

Please click here and complete the application, You will receive an e-mail with the next steps. 
*Manual / hard copies will not be accepted. 


3.1 If a student wishes to transfer to another level, this must be agreed by the British Council management.

3.2 Any transfer is subject to the availability of places in the class.

MyClass and IELTS Coach

4.1 myClass/IELTS Coach students are required to book their own lessons online via the Online Booking System (OBS).

4.2 Cancellations or changes to bookings must be made 24 hours before the lesson start time.

4.3 Lesson credit is forfeited if cancellations or changes to bookings are made less than 24 hours before the lesson start time.

4.4 MyClass/IELTS Coach Credits are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

4.5 There will be no refunds upon expiration of credits.

4.6 Where classes are cancelled by the British Council this will not reduce your available class credits except where classes are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure).

4.7 Extension of expiration date can only be done under the circumstances as stated in point 2.1

4.8 Withdrawal from myClass is subject to clauses stated in point 2.1; the British Council’s ‘Credit/Refund Request Form’ is to be completed and submitted to the British    Council within 7 days. As follow:

Withdrawal/ Deferment notification Fee Chargeable
First 15 days of the myClass start date as per OBS system 50% of credit package fee + classes attended*
Between15 to 30 days of the myClass start date as per OBS system 75% of credit package fee + classes attended*
After 30 days of the myClass start date as per OBS system 100% of credit package fee

* Not exceeding the total credit package fee

British Council reserves its right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice to our existing customers.  Any changes made in the terms and conditions will be updated in our website

As an enrolled student of the British Council, you have certain duties and obligations.

Behaviour Policy

We expect students to respect all British Council members, all staff and property.

This behaviour policy ensures that everyone understands what misbehaviour is, and what action to take to encourage good behaviour. 

Misbehaviour falls into two categories: undesirable and unacceptable.

Examples of undesirable behaviour Examples of unacceptable behaviour
Coming to class late Fighting
Failing to do homework Bullying
Excessive speaking of mother tongue in class Disrupting the class
Eating or drinking in class Being disrespectful to others
Using a mobile phone in class Damaging others property

If teachers observe undesirable or unacceptable behaviour, they will talk to students and explain the problem and our expectations. We may take the following action:

  • invite parents for formal meetings
  • invite students to a formal meeting with a British Council manager 
  • issue students with a formal warning
  • in serious cases, students will be told to leave British Council.

We are all responsible for the positive and respectful learning atmosphere and work environment at British Council.

Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policies

The British Council values and respects everyone we work with and we work hard for your peace of mind. Here are our commitments to you:

  • We listen to you
  • We select all our staff with great care and ensure everyone follows systems and procedures 
  • We give trustworthy advice about the importance of being safe
  • We firmly believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and protected

To ensure the British Council is a safe place for everyone, we have zero tolerance for bullying and inappropriate behaviour and policies and procedures in place to prevent and address issues.

This notice summarises the British Council Sri Lanka Bullying and Behaviour Policies. For a full copy of our policies and the pathways of help, please contact Customer Services.

Policy Objectives

The British Council, Sri Lanka Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policies outline what we will do to prevent and tackle bullying and inappropriate behaviour.  The policies have been drawn up through the involvement of the whole Centre community.

What is bullying/inappropriate behaviour?

Bullying is “Behaviour by an individual or a group, usually repeated over time that intentionally or unintentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally.”  

Inappropriate behaviour is “Conduct that is offensive, harmful or disruptive.”

Anyone has the capacity to bully/behave inappropriately. 

Anyone can be the victim of bullying/inappropriate behaviour.


Our role

Behaviour of individuals is affected by the behaviour of others. Therefore, we expect everyone in the Centre community to model respectful and courteous behaviour. We actively seek to promote good behaviour.


Any incident reported will be taken seriously. 
All action taken will involve the perpetrators.

  1. A senior member of staff will give you advice and support in resolving minor issues. 
  2. In serious cases, the incident(s) will be recorded by staff.
  3. In serious cases involving children, parents will be informed and asked to come into a meeting to discuss the problem.
  4. If necessary and appropriate, police will be consulted.


Feedback will always be provided to individuals who have made the allegations or complaint.