WOW talks
Saturday 02 December 2017
15:00 to 16:00
The Stage

A conversation between, and among, young women’s rights activists and advocates, and the older generation of feminist leaders from the South Asian region. A session for histories and collective imaginations and strategies for our futures. Moderated by Zainab Ibrahim.

Language: English

Age suitability: All ages

About the speakers

Zainab Ibrahim

Social science researcher

Tasaffy Hossain

Tasaffy Hossain

Founder, Bonhishikha-unlearn gender, Bangladesh

Tasaffy Hossain is a development professional, and an advocate for human and gender rights, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She spearheaded theatrical productions about women’s issues and masculinity based on locally crowdsourced experiences. In her feminist utopia, she imagines a world without gender-where what you look like, how you are treated and what role you play is not determined by the sex organ that you are born with.

Sarala Emmanuel

Sarala Emanuel

Executive Director of Suriya Women’s Development Centre, Batticaloa

Sarala is a feminist activist and researcher based at the Suriya Women’s Development Centre, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Based on her longstanding associations, relationships and roots within networks of local women’s groups, she has written for national and international audiences, in English and in Tamil translation, on women’s roles in peacebuilding, sexual violence against girls and women, gender and socio-economic security, women militants and women’s roles in post-disaster responses.

Kumudini Samuel

Kumudini Samuel

Co-Founder of Women and Media Collective

Kumudini is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost feminist activists, thinkers and scholars. She is co-founder of Women and Media Collective (1984), Sri Lanka’s leading feminist organization and which, in the 1980s and 1990s seeded many other feminist and women’s rights organizations across the country.

Faizun Zackariya

Muslim women’s movement leader and researcher

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