WOW talks
Sunday 03 December 2017
13:30 to 14:30
Seminar Hall

Ever been told that a woman could never become a Buddha? Or that the Quran says that the role of women is to serve men? This panel is here to tell you differently! Unpacking and disputing sexist notions, prevalent in all our major religions, with fact - this panel is here to remind us that while religion often gets used to justify the sexism of humans, these ancient spiritual philosophies at their cores espouse tenets of equality, peace and oneness. 

Moderated by: Annemari de Silva 

Language: Sinhala and English

For all ages

About the speakers

Dr Farzana Haniffa

Sociologist and lecturer, Colombo University

Sanjeewani Rupasinghe

Researcher, author of book on historical oriental feminism (SL)

Annemari de Silva

Annemari de Silva

Researcher in arts and culture and a lay activist within the Catholic community

Annemari is a researcher at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies with an interest in the politics of culture and cultural history. She is a lay activist within the Catholic community and her writings on religious issues have been published by Pax Romana ICMICA, Bhakthi Prabodhanaya (English), and in mainstream English newspapers in Sri Lanka.

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