Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding UK Alumni who have made an impact through their work in their respective fields.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Dr Mohamed Rishard Mohamed Riyal

University of Dundee

A Senior Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Dr Rishard is also an Honorary Consultant at De Soysa Hospital for Women. With an MD and Royal College membership, he initiated a free online training program and won a national prize. His innovative designs, like the 'Curved Cervix Holding Forceps',  aim to prevent preterm births.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Doluweera Sachith Mettananda

University of Oxford

A Commonwealth Scholar, Doluweera focused on curing thalassemia. His research significantly improved thalassemia management in Sri Lanka and progressed toward a permanent cure through genome editing. Advocating for safe marriages, He impacted national health economics, securing funding, and winning prestigious awards. As Chair Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Kelaniya, he continues to uplift pediatric care and research in Sri Lanka.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Dr Iresha Atthanayake

University of Warwick

Head of Mechanical Engineering at the Open University of Sri Lanka and coordinator of the groundbreaking Master of Science in Energy for Circular Economy. Iresha is a PhD specializing in energy policies. She Initiated and launched Sri Lanka's first fully online Masters of Energy Management and led the pioneering effort for a collaborative joint master's degree with multiple universities.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Lanka Bandaranayake

Bournemouth University

A Chevening scholar, Lanka is a filmmaker and activist, who founded a media production firm 'Lanka Cine' with her debut film, 'Tradition', gaining international acclaim. With several awards under her belt such as Jury Special Award at SAARC Film Festival, and Best Cinematography at 'Euro Kino' Czech International Independent Film Festival 2017, she has gained international recognition with ongoing projects in Thailand and USA.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Eranda Ehelepola

University of Worcester

An MA in Animation fueled his entry into the 3D industry. From mobile apps to virtual showrooms, Eranda played a key role in diverse projects, contributing to configurator development. As the founder of 'Render Island Studio', He impacted over 40 students and established educational YouTube channels, enriching aspiring animators' skills. His journey from dreams to impact serves as a beacon for others in the vibrant world of animation.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Dr Ayesha Wickramasinghe

University of the Arts, London

A senior lecturer, Ayesha published 'The Dress of Women in Sri Lanka,' won the Best Research and Academic Prize at the State Literary Awards in 2022. She is passionate about heritage, promoting Sri Lankan crafts globally, and has also introduced postgraduate fashion studies, guiding students in research, reflecting her commitment to education and research in Sri Lanka.

Finalist - Social Action Award

Poornima Meegammana

Northumbria University

Founder of Nextgen Girls in Technology (Nextgen), Poornima was awarded Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022. She has dedicated the past decade to advancing technology education amongst Girls, winning global accolades like UNESCO Prize and ITU WSIS Prizes. Named Sri Lanka's Social Entrepreneur of the Year, she directs the Nextgen Skills program at the Shilpa Sayura Foundation, impacting 2000+ university students and 1000+ school students.

Finalist - Social Action Award

Dr.  Madura Thivanka Pathirana

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Certified in Digital Teaching and Australia-ASEAN Tourism, Dr. Madura imparts knowledge at various institutions, actively consulting in sustainable tourism. He initiated 'Learning for Survival' platform for Sri Lankan Tourism SMEs to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, sponsored by DFAT Australia and is also a member of Wildlife Tourism Australia and CAUTHE.

Finalist - Social Action Award

Dr Panangalage Dona Hemamalie Dias Gunatilaka

University of Warwick

Spearheading the 'Inequalities at work' research in Sri Lanka's garment industry, Dr Panangalage has also led a UNICEF-funded research at Sri Jayewardenepura's Centre for Gender Equity and Equality. As CGEE Director, she coordinated gender initiatives and proposed interventions, with her collaborative work material locally translated to maximize its impact.

Finalist - Business and Innovation Award

Lishni Tilakaratne

University of Westminster

A tech and design innovator, Lishni pioneered Rootcode Studio's mission to elevate Sri Lanka into a global design hub, addressing the local UX industry gap. She initiated strategic partnerships with major state and private universities, organizing UX bootcamps, workshops, and lectures. As a dedicated mentor, she successfully attracted and groomed a skilled talent pool, contributing to the growth of Sri Lanka's UX landscape.