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Whether you're looking for greater job recognition, a promotion or change in career, you'll find The British Computer Society (BCS), Higher Education qualifications are internationally recognised, flexible and suited to the needs of the IT industry.

The BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT is the leading voice of the IT industry with over 70,000 members worldwide. The exam is developed in consultation with employers and offers an alternative route to a UK honours IT degree. The qualification gained –the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT also provides a route to postgraduate study at selected UK universities.

Why take the BCS exam?

The BCS higher education qualifications offer a number of benefits:

  • competitive exam fees
  • flexible study options
  • Ofqual accredited qualifications
  • meeting IT industry employer demands
  • help develop and further your career in IT.

The examinations consist of three levels - Certificate, Diploma and Professional Graduate Diploma (PGD). You can get exemptions for some subjects and levels. Please visit the BCS website to see the list of exemption qualifications. 

When are the exams held?

Examinations are held twice a year:

  • March
    All papers across three levels can be taken in the March session.
  • September 
    All papers of the certificate level, certain papers of the Diploma level and of the Professional Graduate Diploma (PGD) level can be taken in the September session. Details about the September session and admissions, please download the Information Sheet from the 'Downloads' section below. 

Exam Period 2019



Closing date for exam entry 14 january 2019 25 July 2019
Closing date for professional
projects entry
26 February 2019 31 August 2019
Closing date for online entry 31 January 2019 31 July 2019
Closing date for projects proposal 29 April 2019 31 August 2019
Exam period 21 March -
29 March 2019
16 September -
20 September 2019
Results release date July 2019 December 2019

To register and find out more information about BCS exams, please get in touch with us.


If you are going to apply through British Council offices, please note the following;

  • All fees for the exams are payable in Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Fees may be paid in cash or Credit cards (Visa / MasterCard). Please note that we are not accepting cheque.
  • You can also make a bank transfer to the following account. Please submit the payment receipt along with completed application forms to the counter.

Bank name:                           HSBC
Account name:                     British Council, Sri Lanka
Account number:                  001-002377-002
Message:                               BCS – (your full name)

  • Certificate fee per module is Rs. 9,850.00
  • Diploma fee per module is Rs. 11,000
  • Professional Graduate fee per module is Rs. 19,950.00

Membership Fee:

  • Candidates can pay for their membership fees at the same time as their exam fees.
  • Annual subscription (full or part –time) Rs. 9,200.00
  • Full-time course fee Rs. 13,700.00

What do students say? 

"I completed up to the PGD level of BCS Qualifications, became a professional member of The BCS and am now looking forward to starting my MBA studies. In addition to the career recognition it gives, BCS membership also gives me heaps of benefits that I sincerely find valuable" 
- Lakshan Weerasekera, Dialog Telecom

What do employers say?

 "As a growing company we need the best people to drive this. For that reason when we are recruiting without any doubt we give priority to people who are qualified in BCS"
- Technical Officer- Sanjay Lanka Pvt Ltd

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