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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body for professional accountants. It aims to offer business qualifications to people around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. To take an ACCA exam with the British Council in Sri Lanka simply follow the registration steps below.

The ACCA has nearly 154,000 members and 432,000 students in 170 countries, helping them to develop their skills for successful careers in accounting and business. The ACCA’s mission is to:

  • provide opportunity and access to people around the world and support their members throughout their careers in accounting, business and finance
  • achieve and promote the highest professional, ethical and governance standards
  • advance the public interest
  • be a global leader in the profession.

How to register? 

We administer exams in Sri Lanka on behalf of ACCA. To register and find out more information about ACCA exams, please get in touch with us.

Please note that candidates must be members of the ACCA before registering to sit an ACCA exam. For more information about becoming a member and the qualifications offered please contact the ACCA.

ACCA pen and paper exams

The F5-F9 exams are no longer available from March 2018.

From September 2018, the P1 and P3 exams were replaced with the new Strategic Business Leader exam.  This is a 4 hour exam and will take place on Day 2 of exam week.

ACCA computer-based exams (CBEs)

Do you want to take an exam with ACCA?

You can now do this safely wherever is convenient for you. 

Take your ACCA exam from home or wherever you prefer.

Using the latest technology, you can continue your professional journey, regardless of where you are – at home, in an office or even at an exam centre where that’s possible. Read on and find out more.

Take your exam online in a safe environment

The exam will be invigilated remotely by a real person,  supported by checks involving biometrics, artificial intelligence and recording for later review. This guarantees that the integrity of the test and all security measures are up to the standards expected from ACCA and the British Council.

How can we help you?

You will be able to continue your professional qualifications during the pandemic with greater flexibility and able to take an exam on your own computer in a familiar and comfortable setting.

This means you can:

  • continue your qualification with minimal disruption

  • pay for and schedule your exam much more flexibly

  • use your own computer

  • be certain that you take your exam in a secure environment, monitored by experienced examiners.

 For more information, please visit ACCA’s website 

Session CBES

The F5-F9 session CBEs are available during March, June, September and December exam sessions.

Up to two exam timeslots available: 09.00 a.m. and 02.30 p.m.

Students taking session CBEs will have 03 hours 20 minutes to complete the exam, plus up to 10 minutes to read the pre-exam instructions.

CBE Venues

1. British Council
    49, Alfred House Gardens
    Colombo 03.

2. Distance Learning Centre (SLIDA Building)
    28, Malalasekara Mawatha
    Colombo 7.

Candidates are requested to be at the exam venue at least 1 hour before the start time of the exams to complete the registration formalities. 

What do students say?

"I think with the ACCA exam gave me a very deep understanding of a financial strategy and advanced financial accounting. I thought the exams were very well organized with no delays." 
- Aidha Ahamat - Vice President Head of Training AMBA Research Lanka (PVT) Ltd

What do employers say?

"Over the past decade, we have seen that ACCA qualified young professionals having the right technical skill set to meet the demands set by the investment research industry. At Amba, ACCA graduates have made a mark in delivering top quality investment research to a global clientele"
- Chanakya Dissanayake, CFA, FCCA, Global Head of Training and Knowledge Management, Amba Research

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