Sunday 14 July 2019
09:00 to 10:45
British Council Library, Jaffna

In celebration of the World Snake Day 2019, here's an opportunity for your child to be part of a series of events to be held in the library premises of British Council, Jaffna. 

Here's the event line-up:

Storytelling session

09.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m.

Children love stories. They love to get involved in a different world, explore others’ experiences and have adventures. Story Time at the British Council gives your children a love of reading while expanding their confidence in English.

Age group: 3-10 years old 


Slithering Snakes Around the World 

10.00 a.m. - 10.15 a.m.

This is an opportunity for your child to take part in our video session and activities based on the top 10 venomous snakes around the world. Children can learn more about snakes including how to identify them, their life cycle, behaviour, and what they eat. Children will learn about animals, birds and reptiles. They’ll discover all about the different species of animals around us.


Flying Snakes 

10.15 a.m. - 10.45 a.m.

Here's a great chance for your child to take part in our craft session! Children can take part in our fantastic crafting session and they can get involved in making flying snakes and have fun.   


Note: Children under six must be accompanied by their parent/ guardian at all times. 

Please call 021 752 1521 (extension: 6903) for more information.


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