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Tuesday 16 January 2018 17:00

We believe that when we support women and girls to have a voice to speak up and be heard, so that they can shape and share in decisions and discourse; and when we support them to freely make decisions and take actions that can affect their lives free of violence, retribution or fear, we can significantly impact social development and gender equality.

The WOW Colombo Festival provided a safe platform to celebrate the diversity, talents and achievements of Women and Girls in Sri Lanka and at the same time to highlight social issues and gender inequalities that still affect them. 

This call seeks to further engage everyone who attended WOW Colombo – either as a member of the audience or as a panellist or performer - who was inspired by the festival to bring their ideas and projects for the empowerment of Women and Girls to life.

Eligibility and proposal requirements:

Who is eligible?  

  • Any individuals (male or female) who participated in WOW
  • Organisations based in Sri Lanka. Organisations can be either not-for-profit or for profit. 


  • The project should demonstrate practical outcomes stemming from issues raised at WOW Colombo
  • The project needs to be delivered in Sri Lanka impacting women and girls in the country.
  • The project must be implemented within 12 months and adhere to agreement terms and conditions including the presentation of an evaluation report at the end of the project.
  • Projects must be new ideas. Support will not be given for ongoing work already being done, or to cover current organisation costs or programme costs. 

 The British Council will support projects within the financial range of £1000 - £5000

The deadline for the submission of project applications is Tuesday 16 January 2017 at 17:00h and should be submitted via the attached template.  

Please submit your proposal to email: Voices&

If your proposal is shortlisted you should be prepared to provide further information if required and attend a meeting to pitch your idea to a selection committee.

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