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Monday 29 January 2018
15:00 to 17:00

Flash (also known as micro fiction, postcard fiction, short stories, sudden fiction, prose poems) is the art of brevity take to an extreme, where not only every word counts but every comma and every line break: a complete story under 1000 words and preferably less.

This workshop will cover at least 2 flash stories to submit to numerous publications and contests that are looking for flash fiction.

Date:   Monday 29 January 2018
TIme:  03.00 p.m. - 05.00 p.m. (followed by refreshments)
Venue: British Council library Colombo 03
Fee:  Rs. 1,000 (library members)
         Rs. 1,500 (non-library members)

Sandra Jensen

Sandra Jensen is an award winning fiction writer who has published more than 40 short stories and flash publications around the world.

Visit the British Council library help desk or call us on 0117521521 for more information.

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