In 2021, British Council conducted a research study titled “Young people on Climate Change: A perception survey”. Limited awareness of climate change among the youth, lack of openness from state and non-state community stakeholders to take ideas from youth and lack of opportunities and platforms for youth to take initiatives and make decisions on climate change came out as some key findings of the Sri Lankan research. This project was designed with the aim of contributing to fill this gap. 

The project is implemented in three districts, Colombo, Gampaha and Kandy, in partnership with the youth wing of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka and Biodiversity Sri Lanka.

75 young men and women are involved in the project. Over the past few months, they got the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and networks to design and implement climate and environmental interventions, mobilising their communities.

Following comments by some of the youth participants highlight the success of this project so far.     

“YLCA has made me look at the environment around me with a different perception, for example, I see a tree as something which helps reduce pollution in the air.”  Fathima Nawreen

“The YLCA training program helped me a lot to think differently in terms of biodiversity and climate change.” Junali Shaini

“The program has instilled good values in me, to see the unseen side of climate change.” Jathujan Mahendran