Sooriya performers
Saturday 02 December 2017
12:30 to 13:15
The stage

Thuyar Maruppom evolved as a play that recalls, reflects and represents the years of war that have gone by, with our eyes on future possibilities and dreams. The play is performed by ten actors – young women from the communities of Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka. Real life stories were collected and woven into a collage. The narrators, however, are not human beings, but materials that have been a witness. How much more ‘objective’ can we get? The choric narration becomes our collective voice as Suriya – somewhere that has become a space for sharing horrible experiences of untold violence, and small joys of collectivism.

Language: Tamil

Age suitability: All ages

45 minutes

About the performers

Suriya Womens Group

Suriya Women’s Cultural Group

A team of ten young women from war and tsunami-affected communities of Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka. They use different cultural and art forms to challenge gender norms that discriminate against women and girls. This includes the use of traditional song and dance such as Koothu and Kulirthi, myths and local stories, as well as street theater and modern dance. 

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