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Sunday 03 December 2017
11:00 to 12:00
The Tent

Studies show that most people form ideas around gender roles and stereotypes by age seven. This workshop will use jobs and employment as a basis for helping the participants to challenge the notions they have formed, or are forming, around what roles and jobs are traditionally assigned to men and women. They will engage creatively and meet real-life Sri Lankan role models in professions that are breaking stereotypes.

Language: Sinhala

Age suitability: 7-10 years

Facilitated by:

Paba Deshapriya – Director of The Grassrooted Trust (Sinhala session)
Dharini Priscilla – Program Manager of The Grassrooted Trust (Tamil session)

Delivered by

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The Grassrooted Trust

The Grassrooted Trust

The Grassrooted Trust works in sexual and reproductive health education. This includes HIV, gender and drug use. Grassrooted also works with survivors of gender-based and intimate partner violence, including those victimised online. Grassrooted is an advocate of age-appropriate relationship education in schools, based on the fundamentals of respect for self, other and difference. 

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