WOW talks
Saturday 02 December 2017
16:30 to 17:30
The Stage

Women from the North and North East, and women from the South of Sri Lanka have used song, music, theatre and art to express themselves collectively, heal, criticise, dissent, analyse and bond – through times of war, conflict and tragedy. Travelling across language and ethnic borders, women’s movements also used song and music to unify – to create a common platform from which they could share stories and express common goals and desires. Moderated by Sulochana Dissanayake.

Ending with a drum-duet between two all-women drum ensembles, each representing different regions of Sri Lanka.

Language: Sinhala/Tamil

Age suitability: All ages

About the speakers

Sulochana Dissanayake

Educator, theatre-maker, puppeteer

Founder and artistic director of Power of Play (PVT) LTD, Sulochana is a graduate of Bates College, USA  in Economics and Theater ’09 and a Watson Fellow ‘09/’10 (Thomas J. Watson Foundation, USA). She studied contemporary theater and puppetry in South Africa and Indonesia and is currently promoting theater as a dynamic tool of communication in educational institutes/corporate organisations, while producing original works.

Vijayaluxmy Segar

Vijayaluxmy Segar

Feminist poet and writer, Batticaloa

Vijayaluxmy Segar is a poet, writer, activist and editor of the Tamil feminist journal Penn at the Suriya Women’s Development Centre, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Her writing has addressed culture, war and militarisation. Vijaya’s works are part of the anthologies Kanal (1997), War Time: Women's Poetry from Sri Lanka: A Trilingual Anthology (2002); Let the Poem's Speak (2010); and, Pulse: An Anthology of Trilingual Poetry (2014). 

Indrani Kusumalatha

Indrani Kusumalatha

Organiser and women’s movement leader, Puttalam

Indrani is a grassroots women's movement leader from Puttalam, in the west of Sri Lanka. She has continually worked with communities of all ethnicities and religions on a variety of human rights issues. She has been an active member of Praja Diriya Padanama (a community-based organization) for more than 15 years; they are unique for a regional organization as they have worked with sex workers and with the LGBT community in non-urban areas for more than a decade.

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