Art and creative
Saturday 02 December 2017
10:00 to 15:00
The Room

We live in a complex, fast-paced world which demands a lot from us and keeps us in an almost constant state of stress. This stress takes its toll on our bodies and mind. Self-compassion allows us to create an attitude of loving kindness towards all aspects of ourselves, in times that are good or challenging – it is a way of accepting ourselves and offers us the possibility of change and growth into our best possible selves

Self-compassion can change the flow of stress chemicals in the body, creating well-being and a relaxed state of mind and body. In this workshop, through the creative modalities of art, clay and body movement, you will explore ways in which you can lower the voice of self-criticism and be kind to yourself.

Language: English

Age suitability: All ages

3 hours

About the workshop facilitator

Seema Omar

Seema Omar


Seema (M.A. Applied Psychology) is a counsellor, who works with children, young adults, parents, teachers and care-givers, in one-to-one sessions and in groups. She uses the creative modalities of art, clay, drama, sand tray, music, play and storytelling in her work. She is passionate about teaching self-compassion as a mindful way of building inner resilience in people, and interconnectedness in communities.

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