Speed Mentoring
Sunday 03 December 2017
12:00 to 13:00
The Cafe

Trying to figure out how to be a mum and a leader, a Jane of all trades, a mother and a feminist, a lover and a fighter, have a career and a lifestyle, or be known for one thing and own another?

Language: English

Age suitability: All ages

Talk to these ladies

Shalini Ratwatte

Head of Corporate, External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft, SE Asia

Kushlani Munasinghe


Tasaffy Hossain

Tasaffy Hossain

Development Professional | Gender Rights Activist

Tasaffy Hossain is a freelance development professional and an advocate for human and gender rights. She is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been working in private sector development for over 10 years focusing on Monitoring & Evaluation and Communications. She is the founder of Bonhishikha-unlearn gender, which works towards a society where everyone is accepted irrespective of their gender: where they are given equal choice and right to opportunities.

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