Saturday 02 December 2017
19:30 to 20:00
The Stage

The piece looks human relationships in current consumerist society and how women are relegated into the realm of objects. The piece depicts four male characters and how they deal with the women in their lives. It looks at traditional and social boundaries and how new technology affects the maintaining of relationships.

Age suitability: All ages

About the performer

Harshika Rathnayake

Harshika Rathnayake

Harshika Rathnayake is a choreographer and a dancer. She works with Sri Lankan dance forms and from a contemporary perpective to make theatrical choreography. She is concerned with how men use women, strength and emotions within the traditional frameworks. RIDDI, KALUWARA, KATAKIRILLI and 1 2 3 4 are a few of her choreography productions.

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Performance, Saturday, English, Sinhala, Tamil, All ages
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