Dr. Asha de Vos is a marine biologist, ocean educator, and pioneer of blue whale research in the Northern Indian Ocean. Asha studied for her BSc in Marine and Environmental Biology at the University of St Andrews, and her MSc in Integrative Biosciences at the University of Oxford. Asha is the founder of Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education organisation, Oceanswell, which works to change the trajectory of the world’s oceans by empowering and inspiring people to be custodians of the oceans.

As Principal Investigator, she brought together a team of international researchers to address ship strike of blue whales in Sri Lankan waters, resulting in a peer-reviewed publication and a report which she will present to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister. Her UK education helped her to think holistically about biological questions and to cultivate her passion in a structured way.

The Professional Achievement Award recognises alumni whose work has created change in their chosen profession.

The Study UK Alumni Awards recognise and honour the outstanding achievements made by international alumni of a UK higher education. Likewise, for the year 2018, Study UK Alumni Awards recognised Asha de Vos as an alumnus whose work has created change in her chosen profession and awarded Asha with two awards as Global and Regional Award under Professional Achievement award.


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