Image of Anushka Wijesinha, Chief Economist, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

“Studying in the Uk made me learn the art of learning” said Anushka, who attributes his current work ethic to the rigorous training he received at two UK universities.

"As the Chief Economist at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Anushka Wijesinha was certain about what area of specialisation he intended to follow as part of his graduate studies. Selecting a multidisciplinary university such as the University College London (UCL), to pursue a degree in Economics was deliberate, given the fact that it is located in the heart of London, a constituent Member of the University of London and a Member of the Russell Group. Having obtained a BSc in Economics, Anushka proceeded to read for a Masters Degree at the University of Leeds.

Educated at St Thomas’ Preparatory School and at the Colombo International School, pursuing graduate studies in the UK was a life changing experience, being involved in wide ranging activities, which included photography, volunteering at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London and writing to the student newspaper in the university. Living alone in cosmopolitan London on a limited budget and attending UCL that had a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary student fraternity laid the foundation for character building. The biggest take away from his London experience was the openness to ideas that prevailed among faculties that enriched the learning process.

“Studying in the UK made me learn the art of learning” said Anushka, who attributes his current work ethic to the rigorous training he received at the two UK universities, where a student is ingrained in a culture of independent learning and research-led environment. He had the privilege of working with renowned researchers and a Nobel laureate in Economics at UCL, an experience that would prepare him for a future role as an Economist. The emphasis on quantitative methods equipped him with analytic tools and quantitative techniques in economic analysis together with thoroughness in conducting economic research.

“I was specific when I selected UCL to pursue my graduate studies, as I desired a different experience as an undergraduate, which would help in building character” said Anushka, for whom the ambition to work on economic research and analysis, including trade and industry and policy advice received the desired fillip from the rigorous training that he received in the UK.

Anushka believes that university education, in general, is a mind changing experience, which, for him was a thorough grounding in a culture of systematic training that was competitive and exacting. Universities in the UK continuously and constantly innovate and re-think their courses to suit the times, and according to Anushka, this adds academic rigour to the courses on"