Active Citizens in PSGN

Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN)

The British Council works with over 100 schools working with UK curriculum for secondary education. These schools follow either or both Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International programmes as well as local curriculum in English medium. This network of schools belongs to the global network of schools we work with and is collectively known as the Partner Schools Global Network.

PSGN is a global community supports leaders, teachers, students and parents. There are over 1350 schools in the network across 25 countries around the world. There are partner schools in the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and South America.

The benefits to PSGN schools

We support schools with services such as teacher training, classroom and revision tools for teachers and students, events, competitions, conferences, networking opportunities and much more.

We are able to support schools within individual countries and to create opportunities for schools on a regional and global level. Central to the support provided by the PSGN is teacher training. We provide both face-to-face and online support for schools. This training is designed to support schools in addressing skills gaps and enabling students to reach their full potential. Our online support allows teachers to study in their own time and also share their ideas and opinions with peers on through online discussion forums

The PSGN is committed to raising awareness of Child Protection issues alongside Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in our partner schools through on-going training and distribution of relevant resources to support parents and teachers.

Active Citizens and PSGN schools in Sri Lanka

While continuously seeking ways to add more value to the Partner School Global Network (PSGN) of the British Council, in Sri Lanka, we introduced the global Active Citizens programme to the PSGN schools in October 2016 at the annual Principals’ Forum. There was a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the idea and we selected 9 schools to pilot the Active Citizens programme.

So far these 9 PSGN schools have piloted the programme and 8 schools have successfully completed their Social Action Projects (SAP) with focus ranging from school development to community awareness in a variety of topical areas relevant to Sri Lanka. 21 teachers have been trained as facilitators while 81 teachers have been involved in the social action projects. Over 200 students have engaged in community social action initiatives. This includes over 100 Active citizens in the PSGN schools. It is also the first time that the Active Citizens programme is deployed within schools in Sri Lanka.

“The facilitator training that teachers receive through the Active Citizens programme is invaluable. It will enrich their overall teaching practise inside and outside the classroom, not to mention the power of the programme for the student community who will eventually become Active Citizens and change agents at a young age for Sri Lanka and the world,”said Dileepa Manawadu, Head of Business Development – UK Qualifications, British Council

There was media coverage for one of the social actions projects, which addressed a serious issue of epidemic proportions in Sri Lanka relating to Dengue; This SAP was by Active Citizens from Alethea International school.

 Impact on engaged schools

 We share below experience of some of the schools engaged in this programme.

 “I have observed that Active Citizens programme has contributed to a positive transformation in students’ overall perception, attitude and behaviour over one year. They are more enthusiastic in team work and engaging with the community and finding innovative solutions to problems. They are more understanding of religious and cultural differences among themselves. It has also strengthened their relationship with the teachers. As a result the school’s reputation in the neighbouring community as a caring and progressive educational has been enhanced.”

M D Samanthi Ranjanie, teacher and Active Citizen trainer from Colombo South International (CSI), Kohuwala

 “As a result of the Active Citizens programme, the management of the school has made it compulsory for every class from grade 1 to 10 to initiate and implement a Social Action Project. This initiative encourages every ‘Alethean’ to get involved in community work as a part of their studies”.

Apsara Gunarathne – Sectional Head, Ordinary Level, Alethea International school, Dehiwala  

Active citizens project showcase

The inter-connection and the network formed via both PSGN schools and the global Active Citizens platform makes this collaboration between Active Citizens and PSGN very impactful.4 PSGN schools presented their social action projects, lessons learnt and success stories at the inaugural Active Citizens Project showcase in Sri Lanka in January 2018. This high profile national event was attended by over 200 local and international Active Citizens from the global network. 

“I enjoyed the direct interaction with students and teachers at the project showcase and learnt about school community projects. Their enthusiasm is contagious and is an assurance of the emergence of the next generation of change agents”. 

Active Citizen participant from the UK @ the International Study Visit Sri Lanka January 2018