MAS Logo

We are MAS, an innovation driven company founded on a perfect blend of daring and visionary thinking. Focusing on fashion and lifestyle, we are one of Asia’s largest manufacturers of intimate apparel, sportswear, performance wear, swimwear and provide specialised IT solutions to the apparel and footwear industry worldwide. MAS nurtures and drives a culture of excellence among our 74,000 global associates in 15 countries to activate their full potential.

Innovation and sustainability are integrated into our corporate culture. MAS is also globally recognised as a pioneer of women’s empowerment in the global apparel industry through our award winning programme - Women Go Beyond. Whilst nurturing the communities we operate in, our sustainable approach to growth also takes care of the environment. MAS owns the world’s first purpose built eco-manufacturing plant – Thurulie, that sets an example to the planet. Our lean driven, empowered and people-centric culture facilitates innovation throughout the value chain.

Our strategic investment portfolio of businesses includes IT, Brands and private Industrial Parks, with an active presence in North America, Europe and Asia.