Hirdaramani Group

Evolving from a single retail store established in the early 1900’s, today the Hirdaramani Group is a global business with a diversified footprint that spans 40,000+ employees, six countries and multiple industry sectors. A pioneer in the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry, Hirdaramani has a fully integrated infrastructure delivering an end to end supply chain solution to the industry via factories in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Hirdaramani’s reputation for streamlined processes and high quality products is highlighted by its marathon partnerships with leading Global brands.

The company has also led the way in the adoption of greener technologies and processes, boasting the world's first custom build green apparel factory and Asia's first CarbonNeutral® apparel factory. Taking this dedication one step further Hirdaramani has implemented a Group wide Sustainability Strategy and by the end of 2015 the company will have 15 LEED Certified Facilities across Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Vietnam. A committed proponent of better businesses practices and Hirdaramani has remained a champion for innovation and change in the apparel industry for over 100 years.

This commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen is reflected in the company’s social responsibility projects which focus around taking care of its people and communities in which the company operates. To this end the Group has been involved in a broad spectrum of education, healthcare and disaster recovery projects across each of the countries in which it has a presence.

The constant commitment to develop and the inspiration that comes from within have been the driving force behind the company’s success, giving meaning and light to the Hirdaramani motto “Your Company, Your Future.”