Note: This policy applies only to IELTS for UKVI testing, including IELTS Life Skills. Please consult the relevant policy for non-UKVI IELTS tests.

IELTS for UKVI: Cancellations and Transfers Policy for Test Takers

Note: This policy applies only to IELTS for UKVI testing, including IELTS Life Skills. Please consult the relevant policy document for non-UKVI IELTS tests.

A. Cancellations

You can cancel your IELTS test registration at any time before taking your test by notifying your Test Centre. Refund terms depend upon when you cancel and whether exceptional circumstances apply.


  Time to Test Date IELTS for UKVI testing IELTS Life Skills
1.1 More than 14 days before the test LKR 44,300.00 LKR 30,800.00
1.2 Within 14 days but 2 days before the test LKR 29,500.00 LKR 20,500.00
1.3 Within 2 days of the test LKR 14,800.00 LKR 10,300.00
1.4 On the test day or after the test No Refund No Refund



You may make a case for exceptional circumstances to your Test Centre before the test and up to 5 days after the test date if you did not attend the test.

All cases for exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence must be received by your Test Centre no later than five days after the scheduled test date.

If your Test Centre approves your case, you will receive a full refund less an administration fee of no more than LKR 10,400.00 for UKVI testing and LKR 7,200.00 for Life Skills.

If your Test Centre does not approve your case, then the terms given in section 1. will apply.

We define exceptional circumstances as:

• Serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally on test day; such conditions require supporting evidence of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner

• Evidence of bereavement, trauma or other forms of significant hardship

• Military service

Your Test Centre will respond to you within 7 working days of receiving your case in writing. Your Test Centre will assess your case for exceptional circumstances.


Under certain circumstances outside Test Centre control, we may have to cancel your test. These circumstances include and are not limited to extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, civil unrest and industrial action.

In these circumstances, your Test Centre will provide you with as much notice as possible and give you the choice of either:

• A full refund, or,

• A transfer to a future test date convenient to you

In cases where your Test Centre cancels a test under circumstances within its control then in addition to a full refund or transfer to another test date, you may be eligible to apply for compensation for expenses incurred. Your eligibility will be assessed as a reasonable claim or not by the Test Centre and any compensation will be awarded depending on the following conditions:

• The Test Centre will assess whether the decision to cancel is within or outside its control.

• Any compensation awarded will be limited to travel and accommodation expenses only and which are:

• directly incurred as a result of planning your attendance on test day,

• evidenced by payment receipt(s),

• evidenced that cancelled travel and/or accommodation charges are non-recoverable from vendor,

• benchmarked against lowest reasonable market rates for the expenses in question (this will be carried out by the Test Centre).

• If you travel further than the closest test venue to your normal place of residence, then the Test Centre will not find your claim reasonable.

B. Transfers

* Submission Timeline – More than 14 Days before UKVI LRW Exams (Listening/Reading/Writing) or Life Skills LS Exams (Listening/Speaking)

E.g. LRW or LS Test Date – 25 Jul. / Deadline – 11 Jul.

* Admin Fee  (Non-Refundable & Subject to change)

UKVI – Rs. 10,400/-
Life Skills (A1 or B1) – Rs. 7,200/-

Note: If exam fee has been increased since your registration, fee difference would also need to be paid.

* How to Pay – Using "Online Bank Transfer" to our account.

Note: We accept ONLY Online Bank/Payment Transfers or Over the Counter Payments at Banks. EasyPay/ATM/CDM Machine Payments NOT Accepted.

    Bank: HSBC
    Branch: PO Box 73, Colombo 1
    Account Name: British Council
    Account Number: 001-002377-002
    Narration: UKVI / Life Skills Transfer - Passport Number

* Required DocumentsCopy of Passport & Online Bank Transfer Slip

How to apply

Step 1 – Make the Payment.

Step 2 – Email the “Required Documents” to before the deadline with the subject line "UKVI / Life Skills Transfer - Passport Number".

Note the “Reference Number” received in the automated reply.
E.g. CS-12345678

Step 3 – Fill this “Online Form” before the deadline.

We will update you within 5 days of submission. 

Please ensure the above steps are duly followed and the form is accurately filled. Late, Incomplete and/or Inaccurate responses will be rejected.


  • British Council reserves the right to seek "Supporting Documentary Evidence" to process your request, where applicable.
  • New Test Date should be at least 10 Days after Form Submission and within 3 Months of Original Test Date. Transfers are not allowed outside this timeline and will be treated as cancellations as per Section A given above.
  • Candidates are allowed ONLY One Transfer per Booking.
  • Test Dates are subjected to availability and will only be confirmed upon receipt of the duly completed form, passport copy and payment. If any of your selection is unavailable, we will be in touch to discuss the next available options.
  • We will only consider the first response. Hence, do not submit this form multiple times.
  • Acceptance or Rejection will be at the sole discretion of British Council and/or Exam Board. We will notify you within 5 days from submission.


i. Your Test Centre is responsible for issuing refunds and organizing transfers.

ii. Under section A. 2., the Test Centre is responsible for decisions related to test taker claims for exceptional circumstances.

iii. Under section A. 3., the Test Centre is responsible for decisions related to compensation, including eligibility and any amounts awarded.

iv. If local consumer protection law in the country you have registered to take the IELTS test provides for cancellation and transfer rights which are more favorable to the test taker than the rights set out above, then local consumer protection law will apply.