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Thursday 01 December 2016 17:21 to Saturday 31 December 2016 23:59
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The Role of English and ELT in Reconciliation

17, 18 and 19 February 2017

National Institute of Education, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Abstracts for papers and workshops are now invited for the 9th SLELTA conference under the following sub-themes:


  • Challenges of teaching English as a language of reconciliation
  • Current directions in teaching the four skills
  • Teacher development
  • Bilingual and trilingual education
  • ELT methodology in the post-methods era
  • Sri Lankan Englishes in the classroom
  • Teaching literature in English in the process of national reconciliation
  • IT for English
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Linguistic imperialism and critical pedagogies in ELT


Abstracts of original research studies and workshops in any of the above areas are preferred, particularly those under the broad theme of national reconciliation. Please provide the following information on a cover page:

1. Title of the paper or workshop

2. Name(s) of presenters

3. Institutional affiliation(s)

4. Contact details: Email address, postal address, phone number(s)

Your abstract page should include the title, the abstract in a single paragraph, and 3-4 keywords. Please do not include your name in the abstract page, as your abstract will be reviewed anonymously. Guidelines for abstracts (research studies): abstracts of research studies must include a justification based on existing research as well as a teaching/learning need, a brief but clear description of the study with its objectives, its methodology, and the pedagogical implications of the study’s findings.

Duration of presentation: 20 minutes, + 10 minutes for discussion

Guidelines for abstracts (workshops): Abstracts of workshops must include the aims and objectives of the session based on a clear and specific teaching/learning need. State your target group (primary teachers for example). Also, briefly describe the structure of your workshop, and the type of activities.

Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours

All presenters will be provided with multimedia facilities. Workshop spaces will have a whiteboard and markers. Any additional materials needed for workshops will have to be brought by the resource person, including photocopies.

Please send your abstract of not more than 300 words in a Word document to the Abstracts Committee at slelta2016@gmail.com. Please note that only email submissions will be accepted. All communication with presenters will be via email.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: December 31, 2016

Details of registration will be announced soon.