Silver Moon, The War Begins by Devin Jinadasa
Silver Moon, The War Begins by Devin Jinadasa
Saturday 12 September 2015
18:15 to 23:59
British Council Library, Colombo

Come listen to the sixteen year old author Devin Jinadasa read from his first published book and be interviewed by another well known author, Ashok Ferry. 

Danny McMoon was just like any other thirteen year old boy, going to school, hanging out with his friends and hating homework. When his parents suddenly decide to move to California, everything changes. His parents are not his parents, the class bully is an actual vampire and his friends are real-life werewolves! and what about Danny himself? 

A supernatural tale of good and evil where werewolves battle the dark forces of vampires and a young school boy realises that nothing is what it appears to be...