Image of a singer passionately singing at a jazz night.
Thursday 15 December 2016
06:00 to 08:30
Tickets: Rs. 250

Singers! Open Mic Nights are a great way to gain experience, increase confidence and meet new singing friends. You don't have to sing alone, you can sing with your friends or with anyone from the audience too. The audience consists of singers and music lovers so the atmosphere will be warm & encouraging for all standards. 

We will be supporting all singers with the background music. A guitar and a keyboard will be available if anyone wants to perform while singing.

Use this opportunity not only for music but also for your performance skills. Interact with the crowd between songs and build your own musical network. If you’re a singer, duo, vocal group or rapper and you enjoy singing, come join us and have a groovy night. Make sure you arrive early or pre-reserve to ensure a spot! 

For registrations and inquiries please contact us on one of the following two numbers: 
0113-159567 or 0114-521521