Vector image of a brain connected to a power socket and an light bulb.
Monday 22 May 2017
19:30 to 21:30
Admission free!

If you haven’t come to an Open Brain yet, you really must!  A wonderful mix of professional, non-professional, seasoned and newbie creatives from all genres come together under the auspices of Ohan Hominis and Michael Ketigian of Stageless Arts, to create a safe and nurturing space for new works to be shown.   Everything from the latest chapter from a draft Sci-Fi novel, to the first cut of a short film, to the test run of a new comic act and the first performance of a new song is performed at Open Brain. No two sessions are alike.  There are also discussions and advice given on creative issues like how to overcome writer's block and offerings of collaborations with other artists to help promote and develop work. 

Date: 22 May 2017
Time: 07.30 p.m. - 09.30 p.m.
Venue: British Council Library, Colombo 03