Extract from the open brain event poster
Wednesday 15 February 2017
19:30 to 22:30

Open Brain is an informal forum for sharing all forms of expression, from traditional arts to knowledge on a topic to demonstrations of techniques and technologies to whatever it is you're passionate about! Extemporaneous storytelling and discussions are always welcome.
There's no curation, no signup list, no pretense. Just show up and share whenever inspiration strikes or just enjoy!

Things to keep in mind:

1. Sharing is NOT required
Though it is encouraged! Presence itself is participation, and the more people that come, the larger the reach of our collective expression. Come with an open mind, leave with it full of inspiration and ideas.

2. If you're bringing an instrument please keep it acoustic. 
If you draw or paint, please bring your work, as it's a great space to present physical pieces. [Perhaps consider a live demo...] We also have a projector and speakers if you want to share something you've filmed or recorded.

Learn more about Open Brain here: www.stagelessarts.com/openbrain

This programme is done in partnership with Stageless Arts