Rohan Gunatillake
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Thursday 29 September 2016
18:30 to 20:00

Come and meet one of UK's leading digital and creative industry specialists

British Council Trustee, Rohan Gunatillake is a producer and entrepreneur with two main specialisms. The first is exploring how the arts can do more interesting things with digital tools & digital thinking. He is the co-producer of Sync, the progressive innovation programme for the arts in Scotland, is the learning partner of the £7M Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and was the founding producer of the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab.  

Rohan's second specialism is understanding how popular technologies might create joy, focus and calm instead of distress, distraction and anxiety. He is the creator of buddhify the mobile mindfulness app for modern life and his ideas on how to design technology for wellbeing have appeared on BBC radio and in Wired magazine.  

Now working independently or in dynamic collaborations, Rohan's previous employers include IBM, Accenture and Nesta.  Glasgow-based, he speaks internationally on digital, arts and the mind and in 2012, Wired magazine named him in their Smart List of 50 people who are about to change the world.