Element of Cool
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Thursday 30 July 2015
13:30 to 23:59
British Council Colombo

Massive sound systems and quirky art décor are elements the Bang Bang crew introduce with exquisite flavour to their events. Known for their successful all night underground parties, they’re a crew made up of artists, promoters and musicians. Bang Bang has been responsible for bringing global underground sounds to Sri Lanka for the last few years actively pushing the boundaries.

Bang Bang started off as an intimate gathering of people with a similar outlook and musical taste. Today the motivation remains the same, just on a bigger scale. They kept it low key and maintained a small circle because they wanted it to be intimate. Most importantly, they wanted to hear their friends play music and have a shared experience listening to it. They wanted something cool and that required a lot of effort from their end.

Date: 30 July 2015
Time: 01.30p.m.
Venue: Bamboo Garden

Fresh tunes delivered to you off an upgraded sound system, hope you are familiar with BangBang's standard disclaimer – it’s going to be LOUD!