Monday 18 July 2016
18:00 to 20:00
British Council

Our present is the outcome of the choices made in the past. Similarly, our future will be the outcome of the choices we make in the present.

Now is the Time’, an interactive workshop hosted by the University of the West of Scotland in partnership with Imperial College of Business Studies, is about making those choices. The programme will cover the competencies and skills expected by employers from young talent in a dynamic world, and how academic and professional knowledge can be utilised, with a minimum investment in time and cost.

Today many people start their professional career at a very young age. Their expectations are high and they want to reach top positions in the shortest time period, but they don’t realise the barriers they have to face on this journey and how they can confidently overcome those barriers to fulfil their aspirations.

This is precisely what ‘Now is the Time’ will address.

There will also be a brief presentation by the University of the West of Scotland and the Imperial College of Business Studies in Sri Lanka on their programmes in Sri Lanka.


Mr Bradley Emerson (MBA, FIB)

Former Regional Director for CIMA and Executive Coach, Motivational and Keynote Speaker from Business Athletes


Date : 18 July 2016

Time : 18.00 - 20.00

Venue : British Council Colombo

Entrance : Free registration

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