Wednesday 29 August 2018
18:00 to 19:00
British Council Orion City

With an unapologetic belief in magic, madness and Santa Claus and a slightly unhealthy obsession with coffee and the moon, Megan is a creative multidisciplinary who toys with a few pet expressive avenues like writing, voice acting, singing, yoga and art direction & design for advertising. Her often dark and gritty short verse found it’s home on Instagram and has now made it into a debut collection published by Unsolicited Press, USA.  Poison Apple will be read by the author and make its official debut with the British Council Orion City, Colombo. Get an exclusive insight into Megan Dhakshini’s newest book and a chance to get a signed copy of her book.

About the book

Love, lust, longing and loss, captured vividly through short bursts of poetry, prose and quotes – Poison Apple  is a journey through the tumultuous courtship of soul mates who were never meant to be. The collection is sectioned into four parts that take the reader through the befores’, durings’ and afters’ of a wildly passionate relationship, likened to taking a bite of the forbidden fruit.  The writing is simple and short, yet painfully emotive and explores how men and women view each other, approaching their thoughts, desires and passions differently. The Dark & gritty writing style seems appropriate, given that after that initial bite from the ‘Poison Apple’, the way that men and women viewed each other changed forever: full of lust and desire above all. Each poem touches on a slightly different aspect of human desire or pain and pays attention to even the smallest of feelings, magnifying them and creating images in our minds that are darkly vivid.


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