Monday 31 March 2014
18:00 to 20:30
Cinnamon Grand

English is a global language. It creates opportunities for individuals, industries and even countries to be able to compete and grow globally. 

It is widely perceived as the language of business and facilitates development and growth of individuals and institutions across the world. Despite the broad acceptance of English as an enabler, there has been limited focus on English language assessment in Sri Lanka as part of the process in developing language proficiency. 

With this in mind, speakers will examine the English requirements in certain sectors of Sri Lanka and further afield. 

The key industries to be featured will be Telecommunications, Financial Services, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, BPO, KPO and IT Services referring to both local and multinational organisations. 

This forum aims to highlight the benefits of effective English language assessment and its importance to the future of English language development in Sri Lanka. 

Access the programme here.

*Please note that this is an 'invitees only' event. 

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