Timmy and friends playing with blocks

Children learning with the world's English language experts will:

  • receive a positive first impression of learning English in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere
  • be taught by highly qualified and experienced specialist pre-school teachers, who will give them individual attention and inspire and motivate them
  • learn through the use of songs, rhymes, stories, games and a wide variety of creative activities that will appeal to their natural sense of fun
  • take part in group-based activities and class projects specially designed for the way children learn
  • improve their English language skills and gain confidence.

We value parental involvement and believe that you as parents have a vital role to play in supporting the progress of your child. We will invite you to parents' meetings each term.

Course duration

10 weeks (12.5hrs) 1hr 15mins per week per class. 


Rs. 15,000 per 10 week term. 

Class times

Days Time
Tuesday 13:15-14:30
Wednesday 13:15-14:30
Thursday 13:15-14:30
Friday 13:15-14:30


Please note: 

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. We provide lessons in a safe, nurturing environment. We have a Child Protection Policy describing the steps we will take to keep your child safe, in every country we work. As part of our Child Protection Policy, we have put the following procedures in place:

Parents/Guardians must:

  • drop off their child with the classroom assistant or teacher promptly at the start of the lesson
  • remain on the premises and within the vicinity of the classroom for the duration of the lesson
  • accompany their child to the toilet as necessary
  • collect their child promptly from the classroom at the end of the lesson 
  • not use their mobile phones in the classroom or any other areas where these are prohibited 
  • not use their mobile phone where children other than their child are present