Our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion 

At the British Council, we aim to remove barriers across our organisation and build an inclusive and representative teaching and learning environment. We aim to embrace diversity, challenge racism and all forms of discrimination, and put equality at the heart of the organisation.

We encourage an inclusive organisational culture, and we want to give our colleagues, learners and everyone we engage with the opportunity to achieve their potential – regardless of their age, disability, gender, religion, belief, race, ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation. 

Diversity of our teaching teams 

All British Council teaching centres worldwide are committed to having a diverse teaching team. Our teachers have different backgrounds, identities, nationalities, ethnicities and religions. British Council teachers have an excellent level of the English language and they all share the common goal of bringing the highest standards of English and English language teaching to our learners.

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for our learners

Our learners have a wide range of diverse needs. Working effectively with diversity is an essential part of the British Council’s work, and this means responding positively to the diverse needs of all our learners. We believe that all learners deserve a high-quality English language learning experience which maximises individual achievement.

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion 

As a global cultural organisation, we are uniquely positioned to bring people together, form international connections and exchange and share ideas in a safe, trusted and welcoming learning environment. Our work is based on building meaningful, lasting and respectful relationships across different cultures. We stand firmly together against any kind of discrimination and racism towards everyone we work with, including our colleagues and students.

We are strongly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. We act against discrimination and focus on fair treatment for all.