The Camara Chica Documentary Filmmaking Workshop in Colombo is an initiative by the British Council (BC). As the local delivery partner, filmmaker Anomaa Rajakaruna facilitated all training and mentoring sessions with three short filmmakers. Anomaa (through Agenda 14) also handled the preplanning stages and the administration of the overall project based in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. The filmmaking workshop consisted of training, mentoring and documentary filmmaking sessions.  The initiative involved three leading schools from Colombo and produced six documentaries under the theme ‘Me and my environment’.


Event Title: 13th Agenda 14 short film festival in Colombo

Description: Screening of six short documentaries and panel discussions with the students on using film as a medium to address current issues on environment.  

Time: TBA
Date: 8th – 11th December 2023

Location: Goethe Insitut, Colombo
Registration link: N/A

Event Title: 9th Jaffna International Cinema Festival

Description: Screening of films on ‘me and my environment’ on the children’s day at the festival.

Time: TBA
Date: 13th – 18th December 2023

Location: University of Jaffna, Jaffna
Registration link: N/A

About Agenda 14

Agenda 14 is committed to promoting freedom of expression and human rights through art and culture programming. Filmmaker Anomaa Rajakaruna founded it. Agenda 14 has organised the annual Agenda 14 short film festival since 2011 and Jaffna International Cinema Festival since 2015. It has produced several outstanding short films under its banner. The organisation continues to partner with various local and international organisations to motivate and capacitate talented youth in filmmaking and other visual arts.