With a flexible timetable you can schedule your studies at your convenience. Plus, you will never miss a class with late booking and cancellation options.  

A timetable to suit you 

Create your own personal timetable with a wide choice of lessons and class times available weekly. Plus, with our credit-based lesson packages you can study at your own pace.  

Manage your schedule on the go: use the MyClass mobile app to book or cancel lessons, and set the pace of study to suit your schedule. 

Book on the day: schedule a lesson any time before it starts. 

Late cancellation: cancel or reschedule a lesson up to 24 hours before it starts and keep your credit. 

Contact us to see the timetable at your nearest teaching centre.  

Get set for success

Location: At one of our English language centres

Each 1.5 hours lesson uses up one credit.

Package 1 : 20 Lessons (Credits)

Course Duration : 30 Hours 
Price : LKR 1,790 per hour

Package 2 : 40 Lessons (Credits)

Course Duration : 60 Hours 
Price : LKR 1,507 per hour

Package 3 : 60 Lessons (Credits)

Course Duration : 90 Hours 
Price : LKR 1,226 per hour

  • Improve your speaking skills on our free MyClub session
  • Our long term packages offer you a clear learning path to improve your overall English skills
  • Students will be assessed after every 10 lessons (15 hours) so you can keep a track of your individual progress
  • Choose your own learning topics to suit your personal learning objectives