The British Council has been present continuously in Sri Lanka since the immediate post-independence period of 1949, representing the UK in all aspects of cultural relations, and building a relationship that provides connections and opportunities between the people of the UK and Sri Lanka. Our work in English teaching, Libraries and UK examinations responds to market demand, supports personal growth and enhances educational and employment opportunities for young Sri Lankans. Through our Education and Society work, we support the development objectives of the Sri Lankan Government and enhance the effectiveness of civil society using UK models and expertise. In the Arts, we use UK expertise and models to enhance the Sri Lankan creative sector skills and opportunities and use the arts effectively for social and economic development. 

Looking forward to the next 70 years we will continue Britain’s commitment to a stable and prosperous world, contributing to societal change in Sri Lanka in priority areas for the Government and for civil society. Our programmes in education reform, creative economy, and social enterprise; build capacity, develop skills for employment, enhance social cohesion and lead to systemic change. Through a particular focus on women and girls we will contribute towards ending violence and discrimination. 

By using UK expertise and encouraging people to people, institutional and government bilateral exchange, we will create the conditions for a mutually beneficial relationship and an inclusive and prosperous future for our two countries. 

In 2019, we begin celebrations for 70 years of the British Council in Sri Lanka. As part of our communications campaign, we will be having a series of stories featuring individuals who have engaged with us over the years. 

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