WOW Films
Saturday 02 December 2017
12:00 to 14:00
The Cinema

Enjoy four fantastic short films in this two hour showing.

Be with me

A 25 year old young man falls in love with a 48 year old woman who is a prostitute. Despite strong opposition from her lover she continues with her profession. Even though true love is offered, she is afraid to take such a huge step in her life as she has been betrayed before.

Director: Randi Pavithra Kaluarachchi  
Sri Lanka (2015) 23.20 minutes
Language: English
Age suitability: Adults only


An old woman decorates a bride with traditional Sri Lankan jewelry. She describes the symbolic meaning of each jewelry piece. Those meanings carry the girl to her past relationships and their deep scars. The bride’s ultimate destiny seems something illusive.

Director: Lanka Bandaranayake
Sri Lanka (2016) 10.52 minutes
Language: English
Age suitability: Adults only

While you slept (Sinhala title: Mata Nam Ahuna)

With the end of the war, there’s been a substantial rise of Chinese investment in Sri Lanka. Hambanthota, in the South of the island, was seen as a strategic centre and witnessed a sudden influx of Chinese male migrant labour.  At a 'massage palour' in Hambantota, Pinky, a local girl, tends to Chinese customers. She makes herself up to look Chinese in order to appear more authentic in the eyes of her clients. When, without a warning, the management hires a Chinese woman to work there, Pinky fears being made redundant. Imitation will no longer do.

Director:  Nadya Perera
Sri Lanka (2015) 23.30 minutes
Language: Sinhala
Age suitability: Adults only

Ahema nowunu ehema dennek... 

Sara, a 24 year old unmarried, outgoing girl, views love and marriage in an unorthodox fashion. She favours radical notions in a culture full of old social values. She has undergone a very unorthodox transformation, inside and out. Dhanuka, a very sensitive 32 year old guy falls in love with her on the first day they meet each other, but he carries the burdens and responsibilites of an existing marriage.

Dhanuka being very uncontent in his marriage feels a greater vacuum than ever before after meeting Sara. He starts to feel that his existing marriage is an impediment, and longs to change it, but he's confronted with a dilemma; unable to break away from his existing bond, but not able to stop meeting Sara.  

Sara and Dhanuka continue to live in their own world as one without any clashes for a long time, except one day Sara decides to be bold and tell Dhanuka she cannot imagine a life without him. Though he understands her with all her notions and boldness, he cannot make a move for one reason; his family. Though his wife reminds him of a morbid sentimental past, the thing that draws him back to the family is his only child; the little girl he's so fond of.

Director: Ajantha Wijewardena
Sri Lanka (2014) 11 minutes
Language: Sinhala
Age suitability: Adults only

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