As the British Council's most popular online preparation course, Road to IELTS will help you to get ready for a great IELTS score!

How Road to IELTS will help you

  • Advice from IELTS experts: Boost your IELTS score with the right piece of advice and insider tips from British Council experts
  • Interactive exercises: Put your skills to the test with over 300 interactive exercises, complete with instant grading and personalised feedback
  • IELTS practice test: Challenge yourself with our timed mock tests. Both IELTS on paper and computer tests are available
  • Plan and track: Stay on track and achieve your goals with the IELTS Study Planner, where you can easily track progress and manage your time
  • No test-day shocks: Say goodbye to test-day jitters and stay confident with real-life experiences from past candidates, and the British Council's comprehensive FAQs.

Road to IELTS full version

  • Road to IELTS full version is the British Council’s comprehensive, 100% online IELTS preparation course developed by British Council IELTS experts
  • It includes over 300 interactive activities, 17 videos giving advice and tutorials, 4 e-books, 9 IELTS mock tests — everything you need to get a great IELTS score
  • It is integrated with My Progress to track your learning progress and stopwatch to your test date
  • Road to IELTS's online preparation materials are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the latest requirements of the IELTS test and provide a well-rounded and comprehensive preparation package for both IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer test takers 
  • All materials are optimised on online platforms which allows test takers to access conveniently whenever and wherever they want across multiple devices such as computer, tablet and smartphone.

Past test takers’ experience with Road to IELTS

“As a first-time taker, I familiarised myself with the exam through Road to IELTS. It explained what I needed to do during the actual exam and prepared me for the possible corresponding scores.”

 Rezette Elisan, Student

“Road to IELTS creates an effective study plan. It helped me get familiar with each test type. The videos from IELTS experts discuss how an answer is assessed, especially for the speaking test.”

Chyrselle Macenido, Geologist.

“Road to IELTS is awesome because it mirrors the actual exam. I wanted to find out which areas in the English language I needed to improve on, so this material was helpful.”

                                      Patrick Tiongson, Program Assistant

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