Please fill your online registration form as advised by your school.

You should receive your application form from your school. Complete this form and return it to your school administrator. 

Your school will manage your exam registration with the British Council, including payment for your exams.  

You should receive your Statement of Entry form, the examination venue and timetable, and any instructions to candidates approximately three weeks before your examination.

Important: School candidates – please pay your school


Cambridge assessment international education

  • Click on “Pay another way” and click on “Continue”
  • Make a note of your reference number

What to submit to your school:

  • Login to your email account to take a print out of the “Registration Summary”
  • Sign on the registration summary
  • Please also attached two passport size photographs, copy of your ID and previous results sheet/statement entry( if you are carrying forward marks)

Find out how to make special arrangements

Pearson Edexcel Examinations

Method of Payment: 

  • Please consult with the school authority and pay school. 

What to submit to your school:

Please submit following to the school with the payment 

  • Online "Registration Summary". Place your signature on the registration summary 
  • Affix two passport size photographs to the "registration summary" 
  • Copy of your ID document 
    International GCSEs - Postal ID, NIC or Passport 
    Advanced Levels – NIC and Passport 
    N.B: original ID document should be produced at the time of registrations (private candidates only) 
  • Copy of a Statement of Entry/results sheet to confirm your UCI (if you have taken an Edexcel exam before)